Sheshnaag Yoga Centre

Sheshnaag Yoga Centre

Vision:To build Tasmania,Australia’sFirst Shiva and Hindu Temple, Australia’s First Jnana Yoga Centre&Australia’s First Sanskrit/Devanagari Museum


3D image of Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple is twelve by twelvemetres square in area and will include a Shiva Linga, a Kund, ATrishul whilst having Sanskrit Alphabet inscribed 20 times on the ceiling.

Mission: To build Sheshnaag, a Jnana Yoga Centre dedicated to the Goddess Kundalini& the physiological mechanism within the human framework responsible for achieving the ‘Goal of Yoga’ –Samadhi – Spiritual Illumination – Enlightenment. Dedicated, also to Devanagari&Sheshnaag, whilst focused on perpetuating the teachings of Yoga,Atmajnan&Sanatan Dharma.



Michael omdevaji Perring. omdevaji is a yoga teacher trained in Bihar school of Yoga, author of five books in the “What on Earth is Kundalini?” series, a qualified Radiographer and has researched Human Anatomy & Physiology since 1985.

Council of Honorary Advisors:




Baba RamanandTiwariMaharaj

Krishna Dvivedi


Preeti Sharma

Shrimataji Rita Mahajan

 Location& Dimensions:

Address: 89 George Street Dulcot 7025, Tasmania, Australia

Land Dimensions: 120 metres x 170 metres with North Easterly Views

Building Dimensions: 60 metres x 35 metres




Ganesh. We have a 21 metres x 9 metresdwelling on site that will one day become family holiday accommodation or dormitory style in the form of self contained accommodation with three or four bedrooms.

Sheshnaag is the main building. Planning approval May 2012.Building approval March 2013.Within Sheshnaag there is two accommodation rooms, Shiva and Shakti. The upper floor is shaped with 12 sides (dodecagon) and is able to accommodate atleast 100 people for workshops and gatherings during auspicious periods according to the lunar cycles and jyotish astrology. The lower floor will house a vast spiritual library and original Sanskrit manuscripts of several ancient sacred Yogic and Vedic texts.


Progress to date:All plans are blue printed and approved by council


Stage 1: Ganesh. Built

Stage 2: Shiva Temple, Excavation and tiered garden bed commencing April 2013.

Stage 3: Sheshnaag foundation

Stage 4: Sheshnaag lower floor

Stage 5: Sheshnaag upper floor

Stage 6: Completion.


Plan:omdevaji will spread the Sanatan Dharma throughout the world whilst relating it specifically to the Human framework, the Sanskrit alphabet/Devanagari, Yogic Philosophy & Physiology, Atmajnan&Kundalini.

The project is so massive and ambitious that it needs to be built in stages and with some help from the Yogic and Hindu communities throughout the world.


Funding Requirements:

Shiva Temple: $60,000       Sheshnaag Yoga Centre: $440,000


How to Donate:

International donations via Paypal to the Paypal account ‘’

Or via western union or other money transfers to

Financial Institute: Mystate Financial, Tasmania, Australia

BSB: 807-009

Account Name: Sheshnaag Yoga Trust

Account Number: 60190531

Australian donations canbe made directly via the internet into the above bank account

Please help

omdevaji as he humbly aims to assist humanity during the transition from the previous understanding that we are monkeys that have grown to talk and separated from everything towards the reality we are souls that have incarnated & are physically and spiritually connected to everything.

Please contact Michael/omdevaji on (61)414495051 or to discuss or view the plans & if you or anyone you know can assist in anyway.

Also feel free to check out ‘sheshnaagyogacentre’ on youtube or opportunities to discuss anything with omdevaji via consultations on

Thank You/Peace &Dhanyavad/Om Shanti